Single Point

Roseville London

We have created and developed the ‘Single Point’ design and build delivery service created to connect clients with our construction trade operatives directly and efficiently and without the need for unnecessary increased layers of main contractor margin.

By adding established construction and design management teams, and combining the established subcontract trade specific services provided by the Roseville Group we offer a service that is unique in the UK. The unique difference with our service relates to the direct connection of tradesmen and client and the fact we apply only one single layer of overhead and profit across all of our disciplines.

The Single Point model removes the industry standard multiple layers of overhead and profit overcharging. The model removes ‘visiting’ subcontract management teams charged in preliminaries for the subcontract work’s packages that are further marked up by other main contractors.

Single Point provides economies of scale that do not otherwise exist and collects the co-ordination required between the trade packages, it reduces the cost and risk associated with outsourcing the full build and fitting out scope and increases the levels of control management on site.

Roseville Projects London can offer Single Point following almost two decades of specialist trade delivery.